Collaboration with TullyXV

How can we not only get the designs which are painstakingly put together out to our potential customers but at the same time deliver them with a catchy positive backdrop.

It's a question we've been grappling with ever since the launch of arTully Designs and we have been searching for the answer.

Then it occurred to us why not do it through collaboration with another artist?

And so the collaboration between arTully and TullyXV was born.

We have taken images from our stores and catalogues and overlayed them with TullyXV produced pieces of music.

They are very unique artists and so align with our own unique style and brand, a match made in heaven.

The video is the process arTully design building up an image through multiple layers with the use of editing software taking many many hours, then recorded on a timelapse to speed it all up.

The music was then provided by Tully XV and overlayed before sharing on TikTok.

We look forward to working with TullyXV in the future and are already working on the next release for TikTok.

Check out TullyXV below:

Until next time.

arTully Design.

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