From art to design to fashion

Updated: Feb 5

So let me tell you a little about arTully, my wife has always loved to paint and draw.

The only trouble is work always seemed to get in the way but since Covid lockdown, which we are all now having to readjust to, she has found the time to be able to do the things she loves again, like painting and pulling on her travel experiences at the same time.

Expanding into graphic design

Whilst sat at her desk she decided to explore the use of packages which allowed her to bring her creative talent and combine it with the technology available to her. She quickly got the hang of it and her natural ability soon took over, producing some stunning original graphics.

Moving through to eCommerce

I then suggested she takes her work and looks to apply the designs to a brand and onto a range of clothing and accessories, at first she was reluctant but once she realised it could be done without losing any of her creative input she was soon on board. And so arTully was born and this soon progressed into arTully Design where you can now find a whole range of products based on her original ideas. This is just the beginning and many more products are on the way with many more original designs. (check out the video where we also have some original music from TullyXV to show of the designs)

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