New Designer Collection

Updated: Feb 28

Hi All,

So after a slow start into the world of e-commerce we are getting into the stride of how it all works. There is a lot of detail to understand and it has opened our eyes of the need to focus on the attention to detail and not try to get there to fast.

We have worked on multiple logos to go with the brand and after many discussions and false attempts we eventually agreed on one which tells the story and maintains the image we want to portray.

So we've also gone one step further and decided to create a new collection based on our brand/logo and apply this through embroidery rather than print, which we have focused on up to this point.

We are also going for subtle in this collection and moved away from a centralised placement on items.

We really hope you agree with us that these look slick and discreet and hope you can see yourself wearing these items in the future.

Please go to our website and check out the full collection and would appreciate some feedback, we are always willing to listen.



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